Funerals and Memorials

Remembering Your Loved One

As a funeral celebrant, I help you plan an order of service and ensure that it reflects how you want to celebrate the life of the person to be remembered. I can help with poems, readings, songs and hymns as well as co-ordinate with people you’d like to play a part in the ceremony.


Once you contact me, I will meet with you together with any family or friends involved to discuss your wishes and ideas. If you don’t live close by, it’s not an issue. I will travel to meet you as part of my service.  I’m always just a call or email away if you need me.


In our meeting you can tell me about the person who has died, to give me a sense of who they were and how much they meant to you. This will help me compose a eulogy which I will deliver at the service.


It’s my role to plan and lead a funeral ceremony that reflects some or all of the following:


– What the person believed

– How they lived

– How they are celebrated

– How they will be missed


Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with what to expect, I will guide you through this. I will also invite you to share ideas and wishes for those elements of the service where it’s appropriate for family and friends to share what they’d like to say, read aloud, or music to be played.


As a highly experienced video producer, I can even create a video tribute of your loved one utilising a variety of themes as shown in the example below. 

What about religious beliefs?


As a Civil Funeral Celebrant, I also serve people who have religious beliefs but do not wish to be buried or cremated by a church, temple, or mosque.

If certain prayers, hymns, or readings bring comfort in these difficult times, as a non-denominational ordained minister I can include them in the civil funeral service, although I do not have the religious authority from denominational churches to perform some blessings and last rites.


Working closely with your funeral director, I will be the main host of the funeral or celebration of life and can officiate a non-religious service or a non-denominational religious service.  The funeral director you choose will know the local clergy or priest who can perform your preferred faiths religious rites, if that is the path you wish to take.


You can find more information in my e-book A Guide to Non-Religious Funerals, for your FREE copy of my series, please subscribe using the form below.


The focus of my service is remembering and celebrating the life of the person who has died and not religious teachings that a church, temple, or mosque would concentrate on. What’s said and shared during a civil funeral is a personalised service decided by family and friends. 

I understand you may have many questions at this time, please feel free to contact me. As a member of The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement, I can help provide a number of resources for the bereaved.


I'm also a preferred funeral celebrant for Tomorrow Funerals. Together with you and your family, we can deliver a funeral service to commemorate the unique life of your loved one.

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