We have lived with the COVID-19 virus for over a year, forcing most people to distance themselves from each other. Couples couldn't get married and families were not able to hold a funeral and say farewell to their loved ones.





A year or more later, families from overseas are still unable to come here and be part of some of the most significant of life's events  

I have solved the problem of this forced isolation by offering my wedding couples a professional quality live video streaming service for a very small fee.


Couples looking to get married can now invite their family and friends to their wedding via a live stream party, think of it like a Royal Wedding on TV, but in this case, only your family and friends are invited to watch. 


All this without breaking the rules that dictate the number of people gathered together in one place*. Call me on 0449 826 669 NOW to find out how I can help you make life a little safer.

Click here for my 2 mins video with more details.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information on the page and the linked video is correct as of the time of posting. As of the latest information, Weddings held at a private residence are limited to the members of the household and up to 100 visitors. Babies under 12 months aren’t included in this cap. Those required to conduct the ceremony are also not included in this limit. This information may be superseded at any time, please check with me for any updates. (updated 26/03/2021)